Single Arm Series 160W | 60AH Lithium LiFeP04 | 20W LED - Solar Street Light

Our Solar Street Lights are built in Australia. They are built Tough with die cast aluminium and 316 marine grade stainless steel. They will never rust and keep on working.

Our high quality solar street lights are designed to last 20 years. We never run the battery flat and they can stay on 24 hours / 7  days a week, 365 days a year. Because of that they don’t require a motion sensor, however we can add a motion sensor as an option.

This solar light weighs 31kg + 1.6kg for the luminaire. It can fit on a light to medium duty pole. We have added the single arm light head that is found on most street lights in Australia.



  • 160W Solar Panel
  • 60AH (768Wh) LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
  • MPPT controller
  • Support up to 20w LED luminaire
  • P4 / P5 Lighting categories
  • Support for Sylvania StreetLED MK2 17W reduced RRW
  • Support for Aldridge PLED.II.14W (17W)


  • 200W Solar Panel
  • Support up to 24W Luminaire with 200W panel (depending on location)
  • Support for Aldridge PLED.II.20W (24W)
  • 30w luminaire with time diming 
  • Movement Sensor Option
  • Cut Off visor (Aeroscreen) 
  • Glare shield visor (rear only) 
  • Pathway visor (front and rear) 
  • Glare shield 360 visor 
MPPT Controller for Solar Lights

MPPT Controller

For our products, we use an MPPT Controller. This allows us to utilise 100% of the available power from our 160W Solar Panel.

if we were to use a standard PWM controller we would utilise only 64.8% of the available power of the 160W Solar Panel.

MPPT Controller

By using an MPPT Controller we are able utilise 100% of the available power from our Solar Panel.

Adjustable Brightness

We can adjust the brightness to conserve energy when there is low activity

Aluminium Housing

All our Solar Lights are encased in aluminium and 316 marine grade stainless steel screws

3 Year Warranty

All our Solar Lights come with a 3 year warranty


Solar Panel Specifications
Solar Panel

160W / 36V / 3.89A​



Cell Efficiency

Operating Temperature
Hail Load
(60m/s (200kg / m2)
Tilt Range
0° – 90°
LED Specification
LED Chip
Beam Angle

55° x 145° Asymmetrical

Total Lumens

2,562 lm

Light Source

20.5 W

Light Efficiency (Flux)


Max Lux at 4 Meters

40 lux

Colour Temperature

3,000k – 4,000k

IP Rating
> 50,000 hours
Movement Sensor
Optional – Infrared / Microwave

Light Dimensions

350 x 120 x 75 mm (1.6 Kg)

Diameter For Side Entry
55 mm best fit for 48 mm spigot

Package Dimensions

180 x 440 x 135 mm (2.1 Kg)

Battery Specifications

Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Size (25.6V)

30AH / 768 WH

Work Time – Bright Mode

40 Hours @ 19.2W

Average Battery Charge at Dawn
Battery Charge Time 0-100%
5 Hours
Charging Temperature
Discharging Temperature
Storage Temperature < 1 Year
Physical Specifications
Solar System Housing
Solar Panel Package Size

1,550 x 750 x 180 mm 

Solar System Size

1,490 x 660 x 120 mm

Top Spigot Pole Size
60 mm
Total Weight

31 Kg

Hot Dipped Galvanised
Pole Height
Up to 6,500 mm
Pole OD
90 mm
Single Arm Length
300 – 500 mm
Single Arm OD Spigot
50 mm
Luminaire Distance from Ground
3,000 – 6,000 mm
Pole Footings
450 x 450 x 1000 mm Rag Bolt with Lowerable Hinge


You can rest assured that you'll be getting the best service from your local Australian provider

Lithium Battery

Once our batteries charge for the day, we let them rest until sundown.

Designed To Last

With Solar Street Lights Australia, you can expect that they will last for over 20 years

Easy Installation

For customer convenience, our solar street lights are easy to install.


Grid at 1 meter intervals


4m height

5m height

Lux Diagram for 20W LED at 5 meters high

6m height

Lux Diagram for 20W LED at 5.5 meters high

With an impressive 2562Lm, using Dialux we can see that this light is compliant for P4 roads. 

At 5.5m light center height we can achieve P4 lighting with a pole distance of 21 meters. The Light overhang is at 0 meters which is good to reducing pole costs.

At 6m light center height we can achieve P4 lighting with a pole distance of 30 meters. The Light overhang is at 2 meters which will increase the pole production cost.


P4 Lighting Category Roads

Generally for P4 lighting category for local roads the minimum luminaire height is 5.5m. The pole spacing > 19m

Information gathered from Horizon Power, Western Australia (page 19 of 26)

Depending on which part of Australia, the height can be from 5m to 7.5m

Lighting Category

Minimum Pole height (m)

Local Roads – includes Access Streets, Places and Lanes

Lighting Category


Minimum Pole height (m)


P4 Class Roads Luminaire Options

There are many luminaires with many different configurations. 

For Victoria there is  Aldridge PLED.II.14W (17W) &  Aldridge PLED.II.20W (24W)

For New South Wales there is Sylvania StreetLED MK2 17W reduced RRW

According to Street Lights by Ausgrid, Sydney, Hunter Valley, NSW, page 25 of their NS119: Public Lighting Design and Construction 

Mounting height in situations where this luminaire is used should be kept as low as possible to a minimum of 5.0m (where the light is installed over a road), however this is dependent on the spacing of the street lights. The table below should be used as a guide to the installation mounting height.

Maximum Spacing for different Roadway Reserve Widths (m) – Category P5

Mounting Height (MH) (m) – 0 degree upcast

Roadway Reserve Width (RRW) (m) 



































As an example, if there are street lights installed on every pole on a street with a 12m RRW (Roadway Reserve Width) it would be possible to install the street light at a mounting height of 5.0m assuming pole spacings of approximately 35m. Where there are lights on every second pole on the same roadway configuration, the streetlight would need to be installed at 7.0m or above to achieve compliance.

Queensland Government & TMR guidelines

Alternatively, where there is no local mains power supply economically available at the site, an approved standalone solar powered luminaire installation may be used. The system must have a minimum four nights’ autonomy based on the longest dark hours in winter for the specific region. The luminaire should have a minimum output of 2200 lms. It is recommended that a minimum 4000 K Correlated Colour Temperature be used for these low output luminaires. Mounting heights of between 8m and 10.5 m are acceptable.
Based in this information, we can use the following Aldridge PLED 23W (2465Lm) 4000k (This light is found on most Victorian roads)

If I enter this information into the Mackay Solar Street Light Calculator. It shows that it can last all year with an average % charge at dawn 63.92% and a minimum of 20.69% during December 

We can increase performance by increasing the solar panel size 

Solar Street Light Calculator

Performance (Mackay QLD)

Below is a daily performance report for this light. For this report the location is set to Mackay in Queensland,

View our calculator to see more performance reports at different locations.

Note this calculator is using the specifications of the 80W single arm series. The battery % at dawn is the same because the 160W system is exactly double the capacity.