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About Solar Street Lights Australia

We are an Australian solar street light designer, manufacturer & installer. Our lights are suitable for roads, car parks, construction sites, walkways & marinas

  • We take pride in our work
  • We invest in research
  • We test all our products

We always look for way to make our lights better and more efficient.

We use a calculator to optimise our solar street lights to match the location.

Our lithium batteries can last 20 years because we never run them flat.

Our 4G construction site solar cameras perform better with our solar street lights. More light allows for higher resolution video recording from our cameras.5

solar street light


We are an Australian owned and operated business. You can rest assured that you'll be getting the best service from your local Australian provider

Lithium Battery

We design our batteries to have an average remaining charge of 80% at dawn, doing this will make them last over 20 years

Designed To Last

With Solar Street Lights Australia, you can expect that they will last for over 20 years

Easy Installation

For customer convenience, our solar street lights are easy to install.

Our solar lights are built


They won't cause you any troubles

We optimise our solar street lights to match the location

We engineer our solar street lights so they last 20 years.

We do this by allowing our lithium LifePO4 batteries have an average remaining charge of 80% at dawn.

Depending on the location this could mean a bigger solar panel tilted at the correct angle.

Some locations closer to the equator such as Brisbane and Cairns, have an plenty of sunshine. 

Locations such as Melbourne and Hobart have much less sunshine during winter. These are further from the equator and need a bigger solar panel.


A high quality solar street light using lithium batteries will start from $1,500. Pole and installation is extra.

  • When the sun sets and the voltage of the solar panel drops the controller will turn on the light.
  • When the sun dawns the voltage of the solar panel increases the controller will turn off the light.
  • Solar street lights have a battery that can keep the light on for 3 nights.
  • A solar panel that can charge the battery in one sunny day.

Product Range

All in One Series

all in one solar street light

All in one solar street light is Ideal for caravan parks and schools. These are the easiest to install without compromising on performance.

Single Arm Series

P4 class lighting for paths, walkways, car parks, local roads. These lights have a single arm LED found on most street lights in Australia.

Security Camera Series

80w solar security camera front side view

Our solar security cameras have been operating from November 2016 with no issues. On 25 Jan 2019, the temperature reached 44°, our cameras were still working.

MPPT Controller

By using an MPPT Controller we are able utilise 100% of the available power from our Solar Panel.

Adjustable Brightness

We can adjust the brightness to conserve energy when there is low activity

Aluminium Housing

All our Solar Lights are encased in aluminium and 316 marine grade stainless steel screws

3 Year Warranty

All our Solar Lights come with a 3 year warranty

Outstanding Lighting
Proven Results
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Solar Street Lights Australia
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Lights that run all night 365 days of the year

We Supply Deliver & Install

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Solar Light Calculator

At Solar Street Lights Australia, we have built our own Solar Light Calculator. 

Our calculator gets solar data from the BOM.

We compare our results to the readings from our lights and we find that it is very accurate.

We enter the parameters of alternative suppliers into our calculator and we find their light configurations are not suitable for Melbourne conditions.

Solar Light Simulator