All in One Series 2 10W LED / 80W Solar Panel | 30AH Lithium Battery - Solar Street Light

All in One Series 2 - Solar Street Light

All in One Solar Street Light

Our All in One Series 2 –  Solar Street Light light has been designed for maximum efficiency and durability.

The Solar Panel can be tilted to any angle such as 52° which is the ideal angle to capture sunlight during winter in Melbourne.

We use a Lithium 384 WH LiFeP04 battery which boasts 2,000 charge cycles. 

Built for enduring strength, the full aluminum housing is fortified with stainless steel 316 Marine Grade screws, ensuring unparalleled durability in varied environmental conditions.


Optimised for Winter

Our Solar Panel can tilt any direction to suit north facing for maximum efficiency.

This allows complete light coverage of any area.

Solar Street Light that can tilt in any direction to face north
solar panel with a rotating LED light head

Rotating Light Head

With our rotating light head, we can adjust the light to any direction and spread.

80W Solar Panel

Enhancing the battery’s lifespan is most effectively achieved by employing a sizable solar panel, ensuring efficient charging even in the winter months.

The Lithium 384 Wh LiFePO4, boasting an impressive 2,000 charge cycles, translates to a remarkable longevity of 8,000 days—equivalent to over 20 years. 

80w Solar Panel
LifePO4 battery

30Ah / 384Wh Lithium Battery

For our products, we use a Lithium LifePO4 battery. Our Battery Management System (BMS) is optimised and will not over-charge the battery during the day and never over-discharge at dawn.

Good battery maintenance is the key to battery longevity.

10W Cree Multi Chip LED Light Head

Our Cree Multi-Chip LED Light Head can tilt 180° and rotate 360° with a light output of 130lm / W.

The LED is programmable, offering the flexibility to customise its operation.

You can adjust it to remain illuminated until dawn for enhanced visibility, or alternatively, set it to automatically turn off after a specified number of hours from sunset, providing you with precise control over its operational schedule.

Cree Multi Chip LED Light Head
MPPT Controller for Solar Lights

MPPT Controller

For our products, we use an MPPT Controller. This allows us to utilise 100% of the available power from our 80W Solar Panel.

if we were to use a standard PWM controller we would utilise only 64.8% of the available power of the 80W Solar Panel.



All our lights are programable.By default we have set the first 6 hours at 12W brightness and 4W until dawn

Aluminium Housing

All our Solar Lights are encased in aluminium to reduce oxidisation and rust

10 Year Warranty

All our Solar Lights come with a 10 year warranty *

Cheltenham Project
Lights that run all night 365 days of the year

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Australian Quality Assured

You can be assured of the quality when dealing with an Australian Company.

While a product’s specification may look excellent on paper, it is another thing to actually be true.

We have tested batteries that say they are 20Ah and we find they are only 6Ah.

MPPT controllers that are actually a PWM controller.

Research & Development

Our products have been time tested for a minimum of 12 months before we release them on the market.

We prefer that then having a warranty claim after 12 months.

R&D in a shape of a light bulb


Solar Panel Specifications
Solar Panel
80W / 18V / 3.89A​



Cell Efficiency

Operating Temperature
Hail Load
(60m/s (200kg / m2)
Tilt Range
0° – 90°
LED Specification
LED Chip
Beam Angle
120° Asymmetrical
Total Lumens

1,235 lm

Light Source
Light Efficiency (Flux)


Max Lux at 4 Meters
25 lux
Colour Temperature
3,700k – 4,300k
IP Rating
> 50,000 hours
Movement Sensor
Optional – Infrared / Microwave
350 x 120 x 75 mm
Diameter For Side Entry
55 mm best fit for 48 mm spigot
Battery Specifications
Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Size (12.8V)
30AH / 384 WH
Work Time – Bright Mode
40 Hours @ 9.5W
Average Battery Charge at Dawn
Battery Charge Time 0-100%
5 Hours
Charging Temperature
Discharging Temperature
Storage Temperature < 1 Year
Physical Specifications
Solar System Housing
Solar Panel Package Size
1050 x 590 x 140 mm
Solar System Size
990 x 495 x 120 mm
Top Spigot Pole Size
60 mm
Total Weight
17.3 KG
Hot Dipped Galvanised
Pole Height
Up to 6,500 mm
Pole OD
90 mm
Single Arm Length
300 – 500 mm
Single Arm OD Spigot
50 mm
Luminaire Distance from Ground
3,000 – 6,000 mm
Pole Footings
450 x 450 x 1000 mm Rag Bolt with Lowerable Hinge