Solar Street Light Calculator Located in Canberra 50°N - 305W Solar Panel and 1280WH Lifepo4 battery

This solar calculator is for a system located in Canberra and has its solar panel tilted 50° and facing North.  The battery capacity is 1280WH with a 305w Trina solar panel.

This solar light system will by default dim to 50% (1452 Lm) and increase to 100% (2904 Lm) for 30 seconds. For calculation purposes, we have assumed that the solar light will be in a dim mode for 80% of the night.

It is important to note that by running at 50% lm the light still consumes ~18 – 19 watts of power vs 29 watts when running at 100%Lm, that is why the Dim mode is set to 65% instead of 50%

██ coloured cells can be edited.

On average this system has 80.42% battery remaining at dawn.