Solar Street Light Calculator for Alice Springs NT

We have decided to use our calculator to see how our all in one 80W Solar Street Light would perform in Alice Springs, NT. We have tilted the solar panel to 20° facing North for better winter performance.

Alice Springs has nights that last 10.5 hours during summer and almost 13.5 hours during winter.

Whilst there is a lot of sunshine, the biggest concern is the temperature which can be in excess of 40° during summer, this can affect the charging of the LifePO4 lithium battery and the longevity of the battery.

We can set the lights at a height of 6 meters, the LED at 10 watts, giving us 10 lux which is the recommended for sidewalks and footpaths.

According to our calculator, our lights will have on average 50% charge at dawn, which is excellent for the stress management of the battery.

Try the Calculator for Yourself

This solar calculator is for systems that have their solar panel tilted 20° and facing North, located in Alice Springs, NT. ██ coloured cells can be edited.